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You are…

I don’t know what you are. I don’t understand what you are and how you do things. And why did you come so suddenly.

No- you were always there. I just didn’t realize how you can do things to me.

My heart doesn’t want to understand things just yet. You were a glimpse of things that would happen in the future. You wont understand- because I don’t understand it myself. Why was it you- why does it have to be you? Out of all people.

You are too nice- even with all those bad things you say. I know you are a really nice person. You might not help others or do such a saint thing. No. The way you act just shows how nice you are, honestly.

How you love and care for your mother. How- even though you always go around trashing your friend- you actually care for them, if you didn’t you wont stick around up until now, really. How you say okay to your friends who wants a little of your money to buy some food. How you actually do pray, every day, not missing even a time. How you actually watch over the girls and tell them about the too-tight clothes. How you help your friend.

I am actually thankful that its you who came and invade my heart, really.

It is starting isn’t it? All those butterflies flying around in my stomach. Can you hear it? My heart, beating so fast, Its starting again. I don’t even know how it started nor why it even happen.

What I know is that I like you, yet I don’t want to run over to you. I cant explain my feelings. I just like you. And up until now I still have no intention to have you. I have yet to start things. I don’t want to be hurt if I know you like someone else.

Someone told me you like this girl which she doesn’t know who it is yet- but she is getting there.

The problem about this is only that I’m not sure. About how you are feeling towards me. I kind of hope you do like me- but who am I, right? If you don’t it’d be fine too. I don’t hope too much- I know my place.

Damn it. Why are you so nice though? You push and pull in the right time and it makes me want you more- but I don’t want to run over to you yet I’m staying in a place, also not going back. I’m standing in a place. Watching you.

You aren’t a serendipity.

Who am I to ask for more.


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