Thank you, I can start a new beginning now.

I’m wondering how he was doing yet I bet he is having fun with the new girls he is with now.

Honestly, I’m really glad.

I’m glad that I finally over him and no longer with him. We were wrecking each other to pieces slowly. And it hurts me and it hurts him. There was nothing other than that. But one thing I regret is that how he just threw everything away and he never tried to fix everything in the last few months. I tried but he just stopped.

I feel sorry for myself and I asked myself why did I fall for him? I was a fool, but he was so nice, so humble, so funny, so kind. And I couldn’t help but falling. He catch me, at first then he just pushed me down and down and down to a never ending pit of hell. I kept falling but he was never there to catch me.

Until it just stopped and I was able to stand on my own two feet. And I’m glad. I can finally lean on myself again. I can value myself more and more and more, I can respect myself.

Oh, I don’t know, I’m just glad I’m over him. And not once I miss him, the memories, those are different stories. Everything was shattering and I can’t even blame him, because I was the one who was always at fault. He was Mr. Right after all.

I remember how he said I didn’t show much respect of him being my boyfriend and how full of myself I am as a person, and I don’t get it. How much more respect that he needed and how much selfless of me that he want? Those fights were all for nothing because he never even listen about how I am feeling.

Those late nights of me thinking and worrying were never enough. I was never enough, was I?

Keep on blaming me but did he even fulfill his promises? I trusted him and look what he did.

At least now I’m not attached to him anymore. And I’m glad. Because now I stopped on trusting him and I can build my trust back on my own.

Goodbye to him. Thank you. You were the best yet the worst that ever happen to me. I can finally start a new beginning now.







hell-o. don’t take this seriously, because I wasn’t serious also. so like, okay. bye.


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