The Comment

Its a matter of life changing thing you did to me.

For a hundred times today, she refresh her blog. She was waiting. Waiting for the boy to comment on her not-so-new post, it was 15 hours ago. And he wasn’t there on the comment yet.

Her notifications keep coming and coming. But nothing from him. She sighed as she, again, refresh her blog.

One Last Breath by Creed was playing as her background song.

He was always commenting on her post. Every single one of them. He loves how she write things. Once he said that she has different way of writing. And thinking. And some day he would love to know her more and talk about every problem happening in the world.


Okay, that was her last hope. She open her notification and it was him. It was the guy.

“Let’s see what he is saying.” she said to herself.

She read it and it wrote, hey pizza girl, my dear favorite blog writer, I just checked your new post. As always I love it. Message me on private, I told you my email didn’t I? It’s the time.

She opened her email and just email him quickly. All she said was hey. And he replied back just a minute later. He said his name was Muhammad Mason and he went to-


She read again, I’m in front of your house. that was on the last paragraph. She hop off of her bed and look through her window, its true. He was there. She worn her mid-thigh sweater quickly and ran down.

As she opened the door, a flower was in front of her face.

“How could I ever thank you for every single comment you post that motivates me not only to write more but also for going on with my life?” that was the first thing she said as she opened the door. She took the flowers.

Her favorite. Daisies.

He smiled. “Be someone I will love, please?”

Once her life was all black and white. She almost ended up her life until the comment came. From him. And that was when her life start to have colors. The first comment he posted saved her life.


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